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what we do

Our client-centric solutions can be tailored to meetyour specific operational and business
needs to providetangible benefits and superior value.

Our client-centric solutions can be tailored to meet your specific operational and business needs to provide tangible
benefits and superior value.

Standardised products are designed to meet the needs of many customers, but often cannot meet all the particular needs of one. That’s why our client-centric solutions can be tailored to meet your specific operational and business needs.

We provide the most comprehensive, integrated tools and resources to assist you in retaining your existing customer base, while building brand loyalty and capturing valuable marketing information for brand expansion.

Our solutions will help you to substantiate risk plans and drive corrective actions and change, so that you can identify and address potential threats or consumer health issues.

We’ve been continuously adapting our solutions over time as compliance requirements have increased and as consumers have become increasingly sophisticated in the way they connect.   And as their expectations have risen, being able to provide faster and more satisfying support has become even more critical.

That’s why our solutions have been designed to ensure you can easily supply your consumers with the information they need, helping cases to be resolved quickly while also ensuring management receives the right compliance reporting information it needs in real-time.

We understand data mining principles and work closely with you to create extensive report analysis tools that help to identify systemic issues and root cause.

Customer Experience Case Management software with a core focus
on compliance control.  Built to monitor your customer contact and to ensure your product quality is maintained and enjoyed by your consumer. Read more

The CARE suite works together to help you maximise product control
and improve your customer relationships.

The advanced workflow engine that allows you to define workflows, triggers & escalation paths & manage & assign CARE tasks. For individuals / teams who need easy,  quick access to case investigation actions – what needs to be done, how, by who and by when.  Responding via CTM links you directly to the case workflow by nominated responsibility for input & updates directly back to CARE.
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An advanced reporting tool
enabling you to generate custom detailed reports with granular scheduling & extensive publishing options.  UpClose empowers you to stay up-to-date & respond quickly with the ability to share your reports via email & the web.
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The workplace app that allows you access to your tasks on the go using your Smart device of choice (Android & iOS supported). Wherever you are, follow up existing tasks & respond, create new tasks & communicate with your team in real-time whilst continuing to feedback case-related information to CARE or your preferred system.  View case summaries, initiate incidents, complete quality forms, root cause analysis, checklists & more.
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how we do it

We integrate risk management and compliance control with complaint and incident handling to provide you with complete case management capability.

Critical control points and risk matrices are integrated in the application alerts process allowing visibility and management for:

  • Total Loss
  • Fraud related issues
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Operational
  • Strategic
  • Environmental
  • Terrorism

We continue to be responsive to the changing global consumer environment and are innovative in our ability to adapt technology to maximise product control and customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention.

So we specialise in cross-platform, web-delivered and mobile applications that leverage the power and interconnectivity of modern devices.

Flexible deployment
Depending on your preference, our software solutions can be deployed and supported on premise, as a hosted service, or in the cloud under an SaaS model. Our Managed Services and Support team can scale a solution that meets your specific needs.

We configure our solutions to suit your individual business requirements and their modular nature means they can scale as your business grows. This approach allows flexibility and full integration with your current operations, procedures and policies – so you don’t have to re-engineer your business just to use our software.

Data security
It can be a challenge for organisations to develop effective compliance strategies and initiatives to protect their data and consumer’s data from cyber fraud and crime.

No matter what type of application/solution you are developing, it will most likely contain sensitive data that needs to be protected. SFI’s experienced development teams ensure that your solution is delivered with a secure and solid data protection strategy.


Services we can offer as part of a solution or separately:

Services we can offer as part of a solution or separately:

  • Hosted Solutions
  • Support – SFI Support is backed by an experienced team offering support via email, phone and online chat to solve your issues
  • General Development
  • Consulting
  • Training