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Team PictureIn 2005, in conjunction with our US partner (SFI Inc.), we launched teebop.com, an e-commerce solution for hard-to-find and discontinued products.


The on-going success of this venture led, in 2009, to the official launch of Teebop for the Asian – Pacific markets.


Online shopping is here to stay and Teebop offers a vehicle for your company to take full advantage of this trend. The features and functionality of this service meet the key drivers of today’s e-commerce market.


Why You Need Teebop.com.au


We have identified that there are a significant number of customers who contact you because they struggle to locate products. We have also found that customers will typically try an alternative brand, if they are unable to locate your brand after five attempts.


With various brands competing for limited supermarket shelf space in the wake of the growing ‘home brand’ trend, it is becoming increasingly difficult to have all of your products on display in physical stores. Teebop is designed to help you meet the needs of your customers by effectively giving you an extension of shelf space into the online retailing arena, ensuring product availability for your loyal customers. When you make it easier for customers to find your products, you improve their experience of your brands. This leads to greater customer retention, improved brand positioning and better bottom line results.


In addition, your customer service departments are able to refer their customers directly to the Teebop online store where they can locate your products easily, ensuring customer satisfaction.


At present your only alternatives are to direct them to a supermarket (which may no longer stock your product) or to try and locate the nearest stockist. 


Teebop allows your customers to purchase hard-to-find products or discontinued products 24/7 online at www.teebop.com.au or by calling our operators on +61 3 8847-1330. We also cater for standard product lines, offer parts replacement, new product promotional marketing and business-to-business sales.


Team Picture


If your company provides non-perishable items, then teebop.com.au will help you to expand your market reach, generating additional revenue for very little cost.




Contact us today, to learn more about teebop.com.au 


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